Boost Your Coffee’s Flavor By Using
These Spices With the Beans

Cocoa Powder

Boost of Flavor to Your Coffee

Continuing our story from last week, my close friend Ryan, asked me to TRI out adding spices for health into the coffee. This grouping of spices really boost your coffee’s flavor.

Many people use sugar or syrup to add flavor to coffee, but if you’re looking to add flavor and complexity without increasing sweetness, then check out spice rack. Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Cayenne offer a real trio of health benefits. It is something cutting edge endurance athletes are using for their advantage. We’re adding new ways to flavor Coffee Method coffee.

Here is my favorite blend with these spices

First my favorite superfood, chocolate. Raw cacao powder is better than processed conventional cocoa powder. It is also one of the best sources of magnesium and iron as well as antioxidant flavanols and polyphenols. Try a quarter teaspoon up to a teaspoon to find your sweet spot.


One of the best spices, cinnamon has antiseptic properties, helps digestion and nausea. Filled with iron, calcium, manganese, and fiber, this ancient spice adds lots of flavor and sweetness. Remember, not all cinnamon is the same. Make sure to use Saigon or Ceylon cinnamon versus regular cinnamon which have a distinct flavor and yummy scent.



Cayenne is known to juice up your metabolism and help with congestion. It also reduces inflammation and relieves pain. It even boosts immunity! A small amount goes a long way. Add a pinch to your mug to intensify the flavors.

Let’s remember, I get my spices from Spice Ace located in San Francisco.

Supercharge Your Coffee

Supercharge Your Coffee

Change up your coffee and you’ll never think of coffee the same after drinking this!

I totally love my coffee this way.

It started a few months ago. Ryan, a close friend of mine, asked me to TRI out adding spices for health into the coffee. WOW… I wasn’t ready for the tantalizing aroma that followed and when it joined with my familiar flavors of coffee; it was like a one two punch.

Now it’s a part of my morning routine. Friends always asking me, how I like my coffee. I used to be a purist — I like my coffee black done via pour over. But now, I have so many new ways to enjoy my coffee from Coffee Method.

And best of all it’s got added new healthier ingredients in it.

To start with; Coffee Method’s coffee tends to have low acidity and is bitter free. A first step in a positive direction. Second, I add healthy spices in it.

This is my favorite blend with these spices

Let’s check out our spices:

The golden spice from south Asia and the Middle East. My mom would cook pilaf and add turmeric in as a child. It felt like natural for me to try. Along with the health benefits turmeric is wonderful. Turmeric has skin-loving properties (aids in a healthy glow) and provides antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It comes from roots that are similar to ginger and contains high levels of antioxidants.

Turmeric has a beautiful golden color! Use either fresh or ground. I usually use ground.

Ginger helps with healing and digestion. It has natural cold fighting properties, to help fend off congestion, flu and nausea while boosting one’s immunity. Ginger also promotes circulation.

Ginger adds a nice flavor to the coffee. Use either fresh or ground. I usually use ground.!

I get my spices from Spice Ace

These two options that supercharge your coffee are a nice twist to the American standard way of drinking coffee. Enjoy!!!

Ginny Cataldi

Today, I get to honor my dear friend Ginny Cataldi. I first heard of her as she was sharing her training journey for her 1st Ironman race IMLP through her IG account. I still remember her finishing race picture for that race…that’s how I got introduced to Betty Designs. Her daily inspiration and passion for the sport inspired me to submit my application to become part of Team Betty. We’ve been Betty Sisters for two years now and got to build a beautiful friendship. I got the pleasure to meet her and squeeze her in real live last Summer at IMLP. I really love to watch her determination, drive and discipline for the triathlon sport. If you need some real motivation and display of commitment to this sport, please follow her at IG:@ginnylovestri24. It is my pleasure to share with you all some of her drive and passion as she answers the questions for the #WeBuildEachOtherUp movement.

Max Fennell

Max Fennell always knew he belonged, always knew he was going to be a professional athlete. At the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon early on Sunday, June 7, he clung one-handed to the railing of the San Francisco Belle sternwheeler boat, shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the pros, then dived out into the water as everyone piled off the boat.

Muscles toned and mohawk bleached blond from countless hours spent training in swimming pools, Fennell blends in. Almost. He stands out, too. Just four of the 2,000 pro and amateur competitors in San Francisco were African-American, and when Fennell received his pro card in September last year, he became the first ever African-American professional triathlete.