Introducing CBD Cold Brew

CBD Cold Brew Glass with milk

Coffee Method is formally introducing CBD Cold Brew coffee!

CBD can be taken in many ways. We have seen methods ranging from tinctures gummies. Today we’re showing people that it can be added to your Cold Brew coffee.

Introducing CBD Cold Brew to the market has been a goal of ours for two years. We have tested how much CBD to add and based on feedback from our customer, we’re blending in 50mgs of Broad Spectrum CBD.

Why so much. Because you asked for it. Instead of adding CBD oil to drinks yourself, we have made it very easy. Try our Cold Brew shot that contains 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD infused / blended in. And uses our premium coffee beans are from farms in Colombia bringing about a very smooth taste.

In fact, we have tweaked the recipe to make it very easy to drink our bottle in one shot. We hope you enjoy Coffee Method’s CBD Cold Brew as your next drink of choice.