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February 2017

Ethiopia Beans

  For February 2017 India, Guatemala and Sumatra are the flavors we’re mixing. INDIA ROBUSTA, INDIA – DARK ROAST The Robusta bean is very hearty and resilient to weather, bugs, and disease, but its increased caffeine levels plus reduced lipid and sugar content as compared to the Arabica bean make the Robusta often taste like […]

December 2016

For the winter holiday season, we creating special roasts for our customers. We have picked two fantastic regions and farms for our beans. This month our flavors are from Guatemala, Bali and a special formulated blend by our Master Roast, Brian. GUATEMALA HOLIDAY – MEDIUM ROAST Within the spectrum off medium roast we have a […]

October 2016

What a medium grind looks like

This month sees us revisiting the Red Sea Area, Rwanda and Colombia—the cooler weather has us reminisce the warmth of those regions, crave for hot chocolate and yearn for some cranberry. RED SEA AREA (ETHIOPIA AND YEMEN) – LIGHT ROAST The lighter the bean the more caffeine. Lighter roasts are high in caffeine and acid, […]

September 2016

As we rolled into Fall, we headed down to Central America, visiting Guatemala and El Salvador for a full-mouth coffee experience. To satisfy our sweet tart craving, we added Yemen to our itinerary. YEMEN MOKHA ISMAILI – LIGHT ROAST In our pursuit of the sweet tart cranberry taste, both the Yemen and Ethiopian beans excel […]


South America is on our minds this month, with Peru and Panama leading the light and medium roasts, while the all-versatile Kenya rounding up on the darker roast. PERU HIGH-GROWTH, SAN MARTIN REGION – LIGHT ROAST Roasting this bean through our roast spectrum, we have enjoyed it at each cupping. Soft, high-growth beans seem to […]