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April 1st marks the first day we take our friends and customers through a year-long journey around the world searching and tasting the best coffee beans each coffee-growing region has to offer.

What started this journey is the need for convenience in getting coffee beans without the hassle of going to the store and staring at the variety of coffee that confronts you at the aisle. There should be a way to get coffee on a consistent schedule, but yet has enough variances to avoid dulling the taste bud – which leads to our concept – a monthly subscription that delivers a variety of coffee beans and roasts right to your door. To avoid sending out the same coffee month after month, we pledge to you our motto – that there are enough coffee bean varieties in the world that you should not have to drink the same pound of coffee twice.

Every month we explore a selection of coffee beans from locations that differ in elevation, climate and soil composition. Each bean is then run through a spectrum of roasts – 12 points of roasting for each bean – to determine the best notes from that bean. This means you’ll get to experience a light, medium and dark roasts from our monthly subscription.

In addition to those 3 roasts, our Master Roaster, Brian, concocts a recipe of blending those 3 individually roasted beans to produce our monthly blend – great for those who want the convenience of having a single bag of beans but still able to appreciate the nuances from each of the beans. We are excited about this journey we started and hope that you’ll join us in exploring the world of coffee according to Coffee Method! – Brian, Lian, John